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The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is very proud to be on-hand from day one and then onwards into the Fleet helping to deliver a better lived experience for all those who serve.  The charity is there to help with the turbulence of an increased operational tempo and the issues created through prolonged periods of deployment and separation. 
They also help with amenities to improve social interaction both ashore and afloat as well as through sport and adventurous training, and provide expert support to galvanise family life and relationships, with specific help for children whose parents are deployed on operations and aim to deliver stability and continuity where relationships have broken down.  
Most serving personnel transition back into the civilian world without difficulty, but the charity works hard with those that struggle to avoid them becoming lonely, hidden or lost.  We will continue to work with the Naval Veteran community to explore ways that we can expand our assistance to deal with specific issues of need ensuring we promote independence and protect dignity for all. Our defining vision is of a world where every sailor, marine and their families are valued and supported, for life.
To see the impact of the charity and learn more, please visit

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