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Roy Washington

I joined the Royal Navy in 1974, straight from school; my surname very quickly attracted the nickname ‘DC’, (there was no end to the creativity of my shipmates). I served during a time of ‘plenty’, for the military forces, although the winds of change were already beginning to blow.
I represented Portsmouth Command Field Gun Crew (twice), in the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition at the annual, televised Royal Tournament in London; the race was generally regarded as the ‘toughest team competition’ in the world.
I qualified as a Physical Training Instructor, a job I loved and gained immense satisfaction from, helping others achieve their potential in many physical and sporting activities.
In 1982, my ship, HMS Glasgow, was sent to the South Atlantic as part of the most powerful Naval Task Force ever to set sail, our mission was to relieve the British Falkland Islands from illegal Argentine occupation.
Everything I experienced in the ten eventful years I served, has made me the person I am today, for which, I am forever grateful.
I am the proud father of four boys, and a devoted grandfather to my four beautiful grandchildren.

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